Our Midtown and Trattoria locations have now been COMBINED into one amazing 2 LEVEL restaurant and bar! We proudly introduce you to:

CAPEESH Craft Kitchen and Cellar!

 full wine and martini bar and lounge
 2 riverside patios
 2 levels of casual dining with a full bar, lounge, dining rooms and private rooms
 live music on weekends
 kids menus and family dining
 lunch, dinner and latenight! Including pizza, pasta, sandwiches, LOTS of entrees and MUCH MORE!!

While we will certainly miss Midtown, the reality is the demand for full service dining on all of those patios was just too high! the excitement we feel about this brand new 2 level restaurant to add to our community is just too exciting to pass up! For all of you Trattoria fans- don’t worry, most of Trattoria’s menu will be incorporated into Capeesh and the space downstairs will look exactly the same (with a few small changes) That will now be the “cellar area” of the restaurant! We cannot wait to show you our new double decker restaurant on the Grand River

We ain’t a coffee shop no more! Capeesh!? 😉


An artisanal New York Deli & Coffee House located in downtown Paris, Ontario.

We use fresh carved ingredients, chef inspired soups, sandwiches, pizzas & desserts with a focus on quick wholesome products you would be proud to serve your family. Take out or dine in on one of our 2 riverside patios.


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